English & Maths for the Employed Success Story

EMD UK Ltd is a national training provider that delivers first class skills, employability and training solutions. Through the English & Maths for the Employed programme they are able to work with employers to offer them fully funded English & Maths Qualifications.

Attock Sweet Centre based in Bradford have recently accessed this funding for their employees. Aurangzeb Khan is a manager at the Sweet Centre when asked about the impact of the training for himself and his organisation he stated: “I feel much more confident now in my reading and writing abilities when understanding documents that are needed for my business. I am happy that my staff who attended the course have had help to improve their reading, writing & maths…having staff that are more confident means that they can progress onto more demanding positions within the business and maybe train other members of staff.”

Improved confidence

Mohammad Yaqoob has been working at the Sweet Centre for 19 years, the training has had a massive impact on his job role: “I really struggled with my Maths & English…this course has helped me to improve my confidence in speaking and dealing with customers, I now feel that my boss will consider me for a promotion when the business grows.”

Mohammad is now looking for future progression opportunities due to the confidence he has gained; “My plan for the future is to maybe help to manage the shop and train staff…I would be very interested in a business management course, I would like to be able to help my manager grow the business and open more shops.”

For more information about EMD UK Ltd please visit: www.emduk.com