Part Funded Leadership & Management Programme Opens Doors for Small Businesses

The aim of the Leadership and Management Framework was to improve the leaderships skills of aspiring small and micro business owner/managers through the delivery of short seminars and workshops in various aspects and management, including resource management and energy efficiency. Over 30 training providers in Yorkshire & Humber applied to deliver the programme, the response from providers and individuals has been great.

Stephen Jarmuz undertook the training with Develop4choice. He is a qualified bike fitter and sports therapist based in Leeds. The programme has given Stephen the confidence to grow his business: “I have recently launched a mobile fitting service as a direct result of the skills and confidence I gained by attending the 3 day funded programme.”

Boost productivity and profits

Stephen explains the impact of the training, “The best thing about the training is that I’ve found it a lot easier to market this part of my business and it is proving very successful. Having a formal Business and Marketing plan has meant looking at the long term goal and breaking it down into short term goals which has really helped to increase my focus and boost my productivity and profits.”

More confident and empowered

Dr Henrie Lidiard, also attended the workshops delivered by Develop4choice. Henrie runs his own Training & Development Consultancy company—Go Beyond. The training has directly impacted his business, he explains: “The impact on my business has been immediate and tangible in that my conversion rate has gone up already. My next NLP Diploma is now fully booked 2 months in advance and all using the simplest and most enjoyable strategies that I felt congruent and at ease with.”


Mark is employed by Teamsearch based in Halifax. He undertook the Leadership & Management training with EMD UK. The programme has had a direct impact on this current job role, when speaking about the results of the training, Mark said, “Based on the information provided and at the Workshop, I have researched further accredited management training to progress my career. Whilst I am still doing the same job role, the workshop has given me the skills to do it in a smarter way and with a greater understanding providing the grounding for a more senior position, It has made me understand the diverse and complex issues of managing a business and all aspects such as strategy and managing people which form part of the role…the Leadership and Management Workshop was invaluable.”

Staff morale improved enormously

James Head attended the Leadership & Management workshop delivered by 2inspire. He took his time to directly contact The Skills Enhancement Fund team to thank us for the part funded training, he states: “This course has had an enormous impact on my life and it has easily been one of the best things that has ever happened to me…as a direct result of this course I decided to recruit someone who had been made redundant. I have shared what I have learnt with my work colleagues and as a result, staff morale has improved enormously. My staff constantly tell me what a positive effect my improvements are having on them. Their own productivity is improving and I know that this will lead to further employment within out business.” Not only has the training had a massive impact on his organisation, but also in his personal life: “My home life is much happier—my wife tells me that she cant remember the last time that we quarrelled!”