Success Story – Ways2Work

A B Steel Services Centre Ltd are a manufacturing company based in Rotherham they specialise in steel and stainless steel. They have recently accessed fully funded training through the Workplace Learning programme.

Ways 2 Work approached A B Steel Services to assess their training needs. After their needs were identified they were offered a course on Warehouse and Storage Principals.

Shaun is employed as a manufacturer at A B Steel, his role involves working with large sheets of metal which are placed into machines which cuts them into strips; when asked about the impact the training has had on his job role he stated:

“The training has helped my confidence, I feel that I have more understanding of what I do and how to do it. The training has had a massive impact on my job in that I now have the confidence working around the machined and working with others.”

Since completing the training Shaun has been given more opportunities at work and his progression prospects have improved, he explains, “I have been given more responsibilities and have been given a chance to improve my position…my ultimate aim is to be trusted to work unsupervised and to take over from the manager and the day to day running of the company.”

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