Top courses for businesses affected by Covid-19

At Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW), we’ve seen and heard first-hand the struggles that the pandemic has caused small businesses across the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding, and the Tees Valley regions.

Some businesses have had to close their doors completely, while others have had to furlough staff or reduce working hours. This has not only meant loss of revenue, but in turn has also negatively impacted their team’s mental health.

But what many don’t realise is that because of these ongoing challenges, there is actually no better time to consider training, which will help business owners to boost staff morale, increase efficiency and prepare their business for the future. What’s more, the SSW programme allows them to do this at no cost.

With this in mind, we’re running through the top five most popular SSW courses that businesses have accessed during Covid-19. Plus, find out how your business can benefit from the free training on offer through SSW.

1) Industrial Environment Awareness

Many business owners will be looking to reduce running costs, especially when Covid-19 has meant that some businesses are suffering from cash flow issues and have been struggling to trade at levels they have been used to.

The Industrial Environment Awareness qualification is designed to help raise awareness of the environment and reduce the business’s carbon footprint, helping to make the company more environmentally friendly and sustainable – something customers are increasingly on the lookout for – and also to reduce their outgoings.

The qualification is tailored to the business by incorporating their own policies, processes and methods into the learning, so employees are taught skills relevant to their current role and progression.

2) Digital Promotion and Social Media

The internet has become more important than ever before over the past year. Having to stay home means that we’re even more reliant on the internet to find the products and services that we are looking for. As well as having to adapt their offering to include e-commerce, many businesses have also had to look at ways that they can promote themselves online, so they can continue to attract new business and keep revenue streams high.

However, it can be really difficult to know where to start when it comes to marketing yourself online, as it’s a very new prospect to many people. This is where courses in Digital Promotion and Social Media come in. These courses talk businesses through how to capture their audience’s attention, grow a social media following, promote their business, and establish a loyal customer base online.

3) Leadership and Management

It’s important that employees feel like they have a manager who they can talk to, and who will help them to be the best that they can be, especially when they might be feeling stressed and anxious due to the pandemic.

Similarly, it’s important that employees who have taken on a management position feel confident in their role, so that they can provide the best support for their team. This course is designed to help learners to effectively manage a team, communicate information and improve morale, helping everyone in the business to feel motivated and at-ease.

4) Awareness of Mental Health Problems

The pandemic has meant that many people, including our training providers at Skills Support for the Workforce, have had to adapt to distance learning. This means that supporting staff’s mental health and recognising where measures promoting employee wellbeing need to be put in place is now more important than ever.

This course can be completed entirely online, meaning that businesses choose when and where to study. It is designed for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of mental health and covers the best ways to recognise and help someone in distress. Upon completion, you will also gain a nationally recognised certificate.

5) Business Improvement Techniques

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important that business processes and day-to-day operating systems are implemented as time and cost-effectively as possible, especially if you’ve had to cut services or staff due to Covid-19.

The Business Improvement Techniques course aims to reduce waste and improve efficiency within the business. Not only can this help staff to feel more productive and motivated, but it can also improve the quality of the products and services that a business offers, helping to rebuild and prepare for any future challenges.

These are just some of the free training courses that you can take advantage of through the Skills Support for the Workforce programme. The courses available provide various business benefits, from cost saving to new revenue streams, but what sits at the heart is that investing in employee’s skills will create a major morale boost and make them feel more confident. This is vital as they play a key role in the success of a business moving beyond the pandemic.

There really is no better time to consider training to improve business resilience, making sure that your business comes out of this period with its best foot forward, ready for anything the world throws at it. To find out more about the different online courses that we have on offer, click here.

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